My Bikini Belly Reviews

My Bikini Belly Review

The person behind this amazing discovery is Shawna Kaminski, a person who has searched for and found the answers you are looking for. She has worked with countless women when it comes to weight loss and belly firming and has also been with experts in the field. Her knowledge and experience led her to compile this all natural method to slim the belly. She took note that women, especially those who are in their thirties have difficulty shedding extra weight than the younger ones and she took it upon herself to find a solution for these women.

The most challenging bit today about slimming down is finding the ideal program for you. With the many weight loss programs in the market, many people get confused on which products to choose to help them lose weight.

Many people especially women are unhappy with their body shape and try all sorts of programs and fad diets to not only help them lose weight but get a feminine figure. If you have tried all the programs you can think of to get that dream body with no success the program for you.

The program is a weight loss and body-shaping program developed specifically for women by a popular health and fitness expert and an author of several bestseller programs, Shawna Kaminski. The program’s purpose is to help women get the idea body shape.

My Bikini Belly Overview

One of the most controversial product at this moment is My Bikini Belly System, which is theoretically meant to help women lower their body weight and maintain it within acceptable values for a longer period of time. There are numerous benefits of using this weight loss system, which was firstly created by Shawna Kaminski, a class expert in nutrition and physiology, who has been developing different weight loss and sports supplements.

According to Shawna Kaminski, My Bikini Belly System was specifically created in order to provide women results based on their general metabolic functions. Compared to other diets and weight loss programs, My Bikini Belly System includes leptine as one of its main components and this is why it is effective and it can provide satisfactory results to all the women who try it. First of all, leptine is the hormone that is responsible for the starvation mode of the organism: as long as the leptin levels are high, women will not feel the urge to consume foods and, therefore, to promote the accumulation of fat deposits. Keeping a diet automatically means lower leptin levels, which will inevitably lead to hunger – thus, women feel the need to eat constantly and this is why they do not manage to lose weight.

My Bikini Belly System is different from all the other diets and weight loss programs, as it does not require starvation and women are allowed to consume acceptable quantities of food based on their current body weight. In this way, the leptin levels are within optimum values and the pounds are easily kept away from their bodies. Many studies revealed that mice without leptin gene have an extraordinary high body weight compared to normal mice – the same rule applies to women, as well. Women’s bodies produce a higher quantity of leptine than men’s and this means that their weight loss potential is better and more advanced. It is essential to learn how to change the way their organisms use this hormone in order to get results – and this is exactly the purpose of My Bikini Belly System.

My Bikini Belly System is a 12-week weight loss plan, which includes complete suggestions and recommendations regarding women’s daily nutrition and lifestyle. The aim of this program is accelerating the metabolism and improving its functions in order to help the body eliminate the fat deposits at a faster pace. Additionally, My Bikini Belly System involves 12 weeks of workout exercises, which do not include cardio exercises or over training, as most diets and weight loss plans do. As the time passes, the physical exercises become more and more challenging, but they remain flexible and easy-to-do, though.

My Bikini Belly System implies unlocking women’s fat burning potential and strengthening the metabolism while keeping an appropriate and well-balanced diet. The main point of this weight loss system is that it provides very satisfactory and surprising results to all the women who try it and, thereby, this motivates them continue improving their overall performance and advancing in reaching the ideal body weight. It is not necessary to starve of suffer from an unpleasant sensation of constant hunger, as the system tells women what they should eat every day during these 12 weeks.